Petaluma insurance Agency

Petaluma Insurance Agency was proudly Born in Petaluma in March of 2013, moving to Santa Rosa in 2019. Providing service to all of Sonoma County and the entire state of California. We are insurance brokers, with specializations in home, auto and business / commercial insurance. We have experience placing hard to place workers compensation in particular. We take a consultative approach. Rather than just looking at one piece of insurance, we try and determine how the pieces fit together to help manage risk and protect assets.

Odds are you can take your auto any number of places that will spit out a quote for your personal or commercial / business use of that vehicle. Did they look at or ask about your other insurances? What are the pros and cons of bundling with a single insurance company for savings, or spliting it up among several companies based on what is right for you? We want to help you in a few distinct ways. Help assess your risks, match you with one or more insurance solutions(s), do it for a good price and provide excellent service after the policy has been placed.


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